Dog Health

One of the main reasons to check the health of the dog is, the humans who are staying near the dog won't get affected by the infection or diseases from the dog. Infectious diseases are transferable diseases that can be transferred from other dogs as well. This is an important issue, not only from the veterinary perspective but also because of the risk of public health; one of the perfect examples is rabies. Due to selective breeding to produce individual dog breeds, the dog might have a genetic disorder, which also affects the dogs. Nutrition is also a heavily studied subject due to the popularity of the commercial and homemade dog food. Few of the diseases that dogs often get are viral diseases, bacterial diseases, fungal diseases, and parasites. One of the main diseases that many dogs are prone to is skin diseases. Many of the skin diseases are caused due to allergies. And many dogs are prone to get bone diseases due to aging. But with proper hygiene and care dogs can stay salubrious for their lifetime.